Over 30 Years of Experience in Healing Modalities



There are many levels in the human body and many approaches to releasing pain, tension and "dis-ease" from the body. One important factor is finding the source of the problem, which may lie far from the painful site.

I like to work in such a way as to find the source, then work with various techniques to help the patient release this area and the areas of pain. We then establish new patterns of behavior, posture, and movement that are healthier for the patient and for their overall well-being, and make these a part of their lives.

Meet Valerie Ruccia Eagan, RPT

Valerie Ruccia Eagan is a registered physical therapist working for over 30 years in the field. She integrates many therapeutic models in her treatment and engages the whole person in a deep and personal healing. She is passionate about helping you to release old strains, pains and patterns that have held you back, caused pain and limited movement. Valerie combines knowledge from multiple disciplines to tailor a program fit specifically to you, your physical presentation and the history of events your body has incurred... for example, why you are moving the way you move now. Alignment is key to function, ease of movement and decreased pain. Treatment is geared toward the goal of improved alignment of the body, releasing tight and painful structures for the natural realignment that takes place when these blockages are removed, and then building strength and endurance in the newly aligned position for optimum performance. Utilizing balls, bands and blocks along with deep hands-on treatment, she teaches you to continue the effects of treatment into your own home for self-healing.

As a graduate of McGill University with a degree in Physical Therapy, she began her career at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, then New England Rehabilitation Hospital treating in the specialty fields of amputees, cerebrovascular accidents, and inpatient and outpatient orthopedics. She furthered her education with advanced training in: Deep Tissue work, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy techniques, CranioSacral techniques, Manual traction, Realignment, Ergonomics, Feldenkrais Method, Therapeutic Ball Work, Aquatic Therapy, Meditation and Breathing Yoga.

To be able to give patients adequate time for true healing, Valerie decided to leave the hospital setting and open a private practice years ago. By offering one-hour treatments, the depth of healing that can occur in one session is greatly enhanced and the understanding of the strains and restraints your body is dealing with is much increased. The privacy of individual treatment in a quiet space furthers the release of significant factors such as emotions and trapped energy in the body that may not surface in shorter, more public sessions.

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"Valerie is a fine-tuned practitioner and healer. Her hands — her greatest gift, possess an intuitive intelligence beyond technique and years of therapeutic expertise. For me, her compassion, and commitment to balance and heal the body has been nothing less than transcendent."

— Patty Barkas, singer / performance artist


“Valerie has specialized training and experience in deep tissue work that goes well beyond standard therapy that she has refined into a method — it is excellent. Her work is rigorous, deep, healing and restorative.”

— G. Smith, author / university professor