Comprehensive Physical Therapy Services for the Metro Boston Area


Ruccia Physical Therapy
Office location: Sudbury MA
T:  978.460.0681
F:  978.443.0706

Hours by appointment only.
Most insurance plans accepted.

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"Valerie's sessions are profound. She treats the physical body with her depth of knowledge and experience of human anatomy, and she touches the heart with her boundless compassion and tenderness.  I feel seen and heard and healed in her loving presence."

— Heidi Stowell Nichols, Mountain Stillness Healing Arts, Lincoln MA

"I have been deeply blessed since Valerie entered my life. She and I connected immediately and through her extraordinary perceptiveness and professional skill she identified the sources of my pain. I always left her table feeling that I had been restored both physically and spiritually. If you are considering your options for physical therapy, please know that there is no other like Valerie. She is entirely invested in the whole person so if you are looking for complete healing, Valerie is your best choice!"

— Will Swan, Career Consultant, Maynard MA