OPENING THE DOOR TO… warm stone foot massage


When you are next on a beach or in the woods, find a smooth oval stone that both of your feet would nicely fit on. Place it in the oven for long enough to get it nice and warm to rest your feet on, but not hot enough to burn you. It depends on your oven and the size of the stone. (For my stone I heat it at 220 degrees for 15 minutes). Take it out and place it on a pad on the floor and place the soles of both feet on it. Sit back, relax, and feel the warmth penetrate your feet. Rest with your feet on the stone for 10-15 minutes or as long as the heat remains.

The warmth will relax your foot muscles and bring blood flow to your soles, which brings in oxygen and nutrients and carries away painful waste products. Then warm up a light oil (I like light olive oil 20 sec in the microwave), place a towel on your lap, and one of your feet with the sole facing up on the towel in your lap. Dip fingers into the warm oil and massage the bottom of your own feet. 

If there’s a spot that hurts, that’s where you need to be. Do the same to your other foot, put on warm socks and walk around. Your feet will feel so open and will be so grateful!